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The QBs that you are told to wait for.

As I mentioned in my other post, the most common advice that is being given to all fantasy football players, either if your a vet of the game or a fresh new rookie, you will always hear about wait and pick a Quarterback late. I think that is a universal rule that pretty much everyone could agree on. That is why in most of my drafts I will not have guys like Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, or DeShaun Watson. The only way I could really see myself spending that high of a pick on a QB, is if i stacked them with their WR1. So if I get Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce, then in that situation I will be looking at a Patrick Mahomes. Outside of that, I will be waiting for the QBs and here are my 4 favorite ones to wait for.


This is an easy on to start off with. Here you got a veteran QB, that never fails (except for 1 year in 2012, he drafted at the QB11 and finished as QB21) and seems to always go in the much later rounds. For the past 10 years, Rivers finishes, on average, as the QB 10! I understand that he's getting to that point to being towards the back end of his glory days, but fear not, in the past 5 years he's finished on average as the QB 11! He's on a very good offense, with great weapons like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Hunter Henry. I for one also feel that Melvin Gordon will play this year because his contract is different than the Le'veon Bell situation, and I think he'll be sort of forced to play when the season starts, which only helps Philip Rivers even more. If i'm wrong about that, no worries either, since they have 2 other good pass catching backs in Austin Ekler and Justin Jackson. Also, according to, the Chargers have a pretty strong offensive line, 13th best overall. He's also not in the hardest division when it comes to opposing defenses. I love Philip Rivers this year, and simply put, for a guy going in the the back end of the 10th round as the 14th over all QB, I'll confidently take that and still see him end around that 10th or 12th QB range.


Another gem that can be found late in the draft, and I wouldn't over think this too much. He's on a very good offense. For the past 4 years, a starting quarterback in Sean McVay's offense on average ends up being the QB 8. He has what may possible be the best Wide Receiver trio in the NFL with Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp, all which are going in the 4th this year. Let's not forget the beats that is Todd Gurely, if he stays healthy, that's one of the best running backs in the NFL catching those passes right there. Goff seriously has 3 Wide outs that could all possibly end up the top 20 this year, and a possible top 3 RB also, why would you NOT want the QB who is going to be throwing those guys?? Great team, great offensive line, great weapons, great coach, a GREAT late pick to be your teams starting QB.


I know you may be thrilled for me this say, especially with everything going on in the media with him lately turning down a 30 mill contract to get a 40 mill one, and as a Giants fan myself, it pains me to talk about how well he's been doing, but Dak Prescott has A LOT of value here and could be a QB1 this year. For the past 3 seasons he played, he's ended up on average as the QB 9. Here's another fact, no other QB in history has had more wins, Touchdowns, and less interceptions combined than Dak in their first 3 years. It's also what he does on the ground, the man had at least 6 rushing TDs also in the past 3 years. If your in a league where the passing TD is 4 and the rushing TD is 6 points, than this just makes Dak Prescott more valuable. I know he's not considered one of the greats, I know I don't hold him that regard, but the guy puts on fantasy numbers averaging 17.3 points per game over his career. He's got one of the top 10 offensive lines protecting him, I believe there will be a deal made with Zeke sooner than later which helps Dak, but besides Amari Cooper, a con to drafting Dak would be is he doesn't have a strong group of wide outs. Still, in his career he has always done way better than his ADP and rankings by an average of 9.7 spots! So if he keeps that up, if he's going as the QB 18 this year, that means he would end up as the QB 9 or even 8 this year.


Heres a QB, that as much as I feel is going far to low, he's still a GREAT value for where he is going. I mean, in the 13th round is where 2 kickers in Justin Tucker and Greg the leg are starting to go, so instead of getting that kicker way too early, get yourself last years QB 12 that has the amazing duo of Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen to throw too. Those are some real safe hands catching your passes there. Last year he was top 10 in passing touchdowns, passing yards, and air yards per game. As much as he may have had inconsistent games, fantasy wise he's still pretty consistent. For his final 3 years, in the lesser that was the Redskins, he started and played all 16. For those 3 years he averaged 18.1 points per game. Last year that puts him above other people like Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Philip Rivers, and Carson Wentz. He was still being drafted last year as the QB 7 and ended up as the QB 12 but still, the man is going in the 13th round, there is far too much value here, and this is a QB that you can get really late after adding a ton of depth to your team thru the draft.

Other QB's that get honorable mentions that you can wait for are Josh Allen, Mitch Trubisky, Sam Darnold, and believe it not Nick Foles, as he faces what it thought to be the easiest schedule for quarterbacks and is currently going undrafted. I will leave you with this stat that i got from The Fantasy Footballers to keep in mind in why we all say wait on the quarterback... Last year there was 33 weeks of 30+ fantasy points performances by QBs, so there are a lot of them out there putting up big numbers. There was just 1 QB being taken in top 12 ADP and finished above their average draft position, and that was Andrew Luck, he was the only one. He was being drafted as a QB 8 and finished as the QB 4 last year. All the other QBs, ended up on average 7 spots BELOW their average draft position. So for example if you took Aaron Rodgers to be the QB 1, but he ends up as the QB 7. I love Pat Mahomes, I have him ranked as the QB1, but I more than likely will not be taking him over any of these guys mentioned in this article.

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