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Mock draft season is upon us and soon enough it will be the ever so loved draft day! If you're like me then you are super excited to draft your team. I for one LOVE a live draft, I always have mine in my backyard and I fired up the grill for everyone and we make a big thing out of it. I encourage everyone to do the same, and I strongly encourage everyone to have a real fun game lined up and ready to decided your draft order, because draft day should be fun! Here are some really cool ways you decide your draft order for your leagues that are so much more fun than just picking names out of a hat.


This is the first game I came up with when I started my league. It's super easy, quick, and a lot of fun. All you do is cut out the numbers of teams on paper and put those folded up pieces of paper inside the balloons. Blow up the balloons, and with a thumb tack, stick the tied up balloon knotted ends on the dart. A member of the league steps up, throws the dart to pop a balloon and that's it! Whatever number comes out of the balloon they popped is their draft spot. If a member misses or the balloon they hit does not pop, they just go to the end of the line, so this way it makes the game more fun by putting them under pressure a little bit to not miss. If you don't have a dart board, or your local bar doesn't have one, then just use a piece of plywood or any board that you don't mind the darts hitting. If you don't have a dart, then a very sharp pencil or a letter opener would work. I don't recommend a knife, accidents can happen.


I have yet to do this, but i'm excited for the year that I can get everyone in my league to do so, especially since everyone in my league knows how to play Texas Hold 'Em. It's simple, just hold a regular poker tournament like any other, but instead of the person winning the tournament getting the 1st pick in the draft, they get the first choice to pick any spot of the draft they want. This is how you prevent someone just losing on purpose. The first one that is out of the tournament, gets whatever spot is left over to draft from. For example, last year in a league where we get to pick our spots, I was the 4th person to make a choice and picks 1-3 already went and I choose to pick last. I wanted the 12th pick because I wanted to draft players like Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffery, so it was all part of my strategy. When you decided the winnings that way, by giving the champion a choice, you force everyone to play to win it all.


Pretty self explanatory, just set out the cups, and fill them up with beer, or whatever your drinking, and have everyone shot their shot. What ever cup the ball lands in, they look at the bottom of the cup to find their number. You can also write the number of the side of the cup and cover it duck tape. Also, that will be the players drink for the draft! Easy.


This is where it gets a little more detailed, like I mentioned, I love draft day. I built my own Plinko board. If you never heard of Plinko, it's that game that is popular on The Price Is Right, where you drop a disc down a pegged board to see what is falls on.

Of course the board I built is nothing near that but my league is grateful I even took the time to do this.

Simple enough, just a peg board, surrounded by some pieces of wood, and wooden dowels cut and placed inside the pegs spaced apart. I placed also playing cards in the vacant spaces on the bottom. The rules on deciding the draft order is simple, the person drops the ball (the ping pong ball in the picture did not work for me it was too small, we used a handball instead) and whatever open space it lands in, the number on the card is the number they pick. I know that it's very possible the ball could land again and again in the same place, so I prepared for that and made the dividers at the bottom removable. This one is not hard to make, but takes some work.


This is way easy and still a lot of fun. If you don't have one of these then you can buy it online, and there's hardly any work that has to be done.

Again it's pretty straight forward, you spin the wheel, the number the ball bearing lands on is the number to a shot glass. The teams owner takes the shot, and checks under it to see what pick they have. There are 16 shots, and on the other 4 I would just write a joke like "Try Again" or "Your out the league".

There are a few other ways I did it by building my own games, and even plenty of other ideas I have for years to come, but these are just a few I already tried. If you want to ask me more questions about these games for deciding your draft order, or find out ways, or even any fantasy football questions in general, send me a direct message on Instagram or Twitter @BFBPodcast. You could also email me directly off this site. Happy Drafting!

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